At Central Michigan University I am currently involved in:

Leadership Advancement Scholarship: I follow a list of protocol to fulfill my scholarship requirements which include course work, volunteer hours, and other campus involvements.

Honors Program: Due to my first semester grades and involvements, I was invited to apply for Track Two of Central Michigan University’s Honors Program. I am one of the 40 students who was admitted into Track Two this year, and will be beginning my protocol in Fall 2017. As an Honors student I will be required to take Honors courses, volunteer, have cultural experiences, and be challenged to think critically in my classes and about my life experiences. My senior year at CMU I will be required to complete a graduate level capstone project with the assistance of a CMU faculty member. I am excited about the new challenges and opportunities this program with bring me.

Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority: I wanted to join Greek life to meet new life long friends and have a greater involvement on campus. I am the parliamentarian for AST, which means I ensure order is kept at meetings and I am the chapter’s Student Government Association Representative. I am very excited to be going to Pine Mountain Settlement School over spring break with my sisters to give a week of service to our philanthropy.

Student Government Association: I attend SGA as the representative of Alpha Sigma Tau. I am a member of the House and am on the RSO Growth and Development Committee. In this committee we work to create legislation for campus and an event for RSO’s network with each other.

Lunch Buddies: Every Friday I go to a local Mount Pleasant elementary school where I eat lunch and play at recess with my third grade buddy. My buddy was recommended by staff to be a part of the mentoring program. Each week I work to form deeper connections with my buddy and be a mentor to him. I wanted to get involved with the Lunch Buddies program because I wanted an opportunity to work with children and be a positive role model in their life.

National Society of Collegiate Scholars: Due to my first semester GPA and involvements, I was invited to join NSCS. My involvement in this organization will begin in the Fall of 2017 which will require me to keep my grades up, be involved on campus, and volunteer regularly.

Special Olympics Michigan: Through my participation in a Leadership Institute LEAD team, I became involved in Special Olympics Michigan. I participated in a Project Unified conference, and volunteered at SOMI Winter Games. I will be volunteering this summer at the Summer Games and intend in partaking in many more volunteer opportunities in the future.

Polar Plunge Student Committee: I am super passionate about Special Olympics and will be participating in my first Polar Plunge this spring. As a member of the student committee I advocate to different groups on campus about joining Polar Plunge and raising money for Special Olympics.

Connections that Count: Last semester I volunteered with this organization but unfortunately it does not work with my schedule this semester. At CTC each week I would spend time with Mt. Pleasant community members with disabilities. We would participate in different activities each week and work on their social skills.