• Daily Goals
    • Find something good in everyday, even in the worst of days
    • Compliment someone or do an act of kindness for someone at least once a day
  • Weekly Goals
    • Run twice a week
    • Meditate 5 times a week (Courtesy of 10% Happier)
    • FaceTime my sisters at least once a week
    • Speak to someone new in my classes, activities, or wherever I am
    • Be proactive and stay ahead of my assignments
  • Monthly Goals
    • Volunteer 5+ hours a month
    • Find a new challenge each month
  • Semester Goals
    • Receive a 3.8 second semester
    • Write more personal blogs
    • Apply for scholarships
    • Become more connected and active in AST
  • Year Goals
    • Be a bomb mentor
    • Find value in my experiences
    • Challenge myself- academically, socially, in leadership
    • Get more connected to my major
  • Life Goals
    • Make an impact and find value in everything I do
    • Take care of myself first
    • Find happiness in everything I do
    • Be a positive role in other’s lives

HOW: use available resources, rely on others for support, time management, explore, find support systems, take more time for reflection