Dear Mentee

My perfect little nugget of a mentee, Paige;

I am so excited to have snatched you up as my mentee. When looking over all the potential LAS17 mentees, I knew we would be a perfect match. And now that I have began to get to know your quirky personality, my pick has only become more solidified. I am already so amazed by the incredible leader and person you are and am so excited for the time you are about to spend at the GREATEST university.

Tomorrow I will be returning home to Mt. Pleasant, and what makes this even more exciting is that it will soon become your home too. I have faith that you will have a smooth transition into college life, but as your mentor I hope to be a part of all the highs and lows of this coming year.

I hope that our mentor/mentee relationship will grow into an unbreakable friendship throughout this year. (You are wicked neat so obviously I want you as my BFF.)  I hope you find family within your LAS cohort. I hope you take risks and try new things. I hope you find passion in what you do. I hope you go on neat adventures with me. I hope you learn about yourself and how incredible you are. I hope that as your mentor, I can be a person for you to lean on, confide in, depend on , and enjoy your time at CMU with. But most of all, I hope you find the same love that I have for Central.


See you soon little mentee.

FIRE UP CHIPS! – your mentor, Ellen

PS here is the greatest mentee reveal of all time….




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