Mentor Reflection

In spring of 2016 I received my wonderful mentor Ali (cutest reveal you will ever see). I had first met Ali my senior year of high school when I came to CMU to visit my friends Tyler and Bobby. When walking through Barnes hall, Ali was the first person Tyler introduced me to, so I think it is kind of fate that she became my mentor.

IMG_8436In the fall, we attended mentor-mentee retreat where we spent the weekend bonding and challenging each other. We participated in leadership and teamwork challenge courses. We made memories as we took on the high ropes course together confidently.

Part of the reason Ali picked me as her mentee was because of my interest in joining greek life. So when I jumped home to the same sorority as her, it once again solidified we were the perfect pair.

IMG_8869Then we became big and little, ensuring that our relationship would not end after my freshman year as a mentee. Ali and I began seeing each other more regularly and spending more time together. This has helped our friendship grow immensely.

I am so thankful for how much our relationship has grown since the beginning of the year, and knowing that it will only continue in the years to come. Thank you for being an amazing mentor, big, and role model!

Now as I reflect on my past year as a mentee and the wonderful mentor I was blessed to receive, I hope I am able to be the same for my little mentee. In our LDR200L course, we participated in a facilitation which allowed us to discuss what we wanted to accomplish as a mentor. This took me a while to come to a conclusion because I had not yet thought very deeply about my expectations for myself as a mentor were. What I concluded was simply, I just hope to be whatever person they need me to be throughout this next year. I do not necessarily have any set goals for myself until I have a clearer understanding of what my mentee hopes to get from me. Whether that entails being someone who helps them process the numerous life experiences they will encounter their freshman year, or just a friend, I will be the best I can be for them.

I have yet to reveal myself to my mentee so I cannot disclose their name yet, but I am so excited to get to know them soon! Though all the information I was given on them, and the low-key social media stalking I have performed, I already know they are an amazing person and I am so excited to witness everything they will accomplish this next year. Welcome to the fam mentee!!



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