A requirement of the Leadership Advancement Scholarship protocol is to take The American Experience history course (Leadership and Writing Intensive designated). This course was just what its title says: The American Experience. Over the 16 week course we learned about American History beginning at the first civilizations in America. This course was unique to the numerous other American history courses I have taken because it highlighted many of the unique and less recognized leaders that have been a part of the United States History. Typically history classes recognize the big name historical leaders, which this class also accomplished, but we also learned about smaller names who are not typically recognized.

I found this course challenging because it is a subject I do not typically enjoy. But as much as I despised going to the class many days, I challenged myself to be consistent in my efforts and learn from those who found passion in the class.

During my time in HST110LWI I admired the passion I saw in my fellow LAS2016 member Jacob Sova. I often call Jacob “Grandpa” because he has such a classic grandpa personality (he is genuinely himself 100% of the time which I find very admirable). Jacob was one of the few people who was actively engaged in every minute of every class while many of the other’s (including myself at times) were bored out of their minds. He was enthusiastic about every section and assignment. When we were assigned a paper on a book of our choosing, Jacob passionately read a massive book on Alexander Hamilton. When I asked him how he was enjoying his book, he enthusiastically gave me a synopsis on Hamilton’s life. Even though he lost me in the process, I admired his passion for the assignment.

Along with being passionate about the course. He was eager to help those who were not history fanatics. Jacob eagerly spent time with me helping me prepare for exams and give direction to papers. Without Jacob Sova I would have been completely lost in HST110.

Jacob Sova was a clear leader in the class. While most people were going through the motions of the class to fulfill the requirement, Jacob was a clear contributor to the educational experience. While working to be successful himself, he willingly shared his enthusiasm with others to help them do well. I admire Jacob Sova’s authenticity and willingness to assist others. I hope to be a Jacob Sova for others in my classes and in life. Jacob is unique and genuine and I hope to be as authentic as him. I hope that I can find positivity in classes (and other life situations) which others dread. I am so very grateful for the leadership Jacob has demonstrated and the help he has provided me.


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