Pre- Detroit Service Trip

On Friday, February 10th and Saturday, February 11th, I will be partaking in a service trip to the city of Detroit with my Leadership Advancement Scholarship cohort. Detroit is about 30-45 minutes away from my hometown. Growing up, my family would frequently make day trips to the city for different events or just to visit some of our favorite restaurants. It has been exciting to see some of the changes that have been made to this progressing city.

I am excited to see the inside of these changes in Detroit. We will be volunteering at Jalen Rose Leadership Academy and Cass Community Center.

An issue in Detroit that I have heard a lot about is the school system. Detroit has been ran by unethical leaders for many years now, and those running the school system have been corrupt. One source of this information that was must influential on my knowledge of a subject was a documentary I watched in high school.

This almost two hour documentary goes into great detail about why Detroit schools are so failed. The students in Detroit are the future of the city. If they are being failed in the classroom, they will not have the skills and knowledge they need to be better than those who failed them. I am excited to spend an afternoon at Jalen Rose Leadership Academy to see a school that is working to change this.

This trip correlates with the purpose and vision of the Leadership Institute because we are working to bring leadership, service, and change to the city, while gaining knowledge about its issues. While at JRLA we will be working with students to empower them to grow their leadership skills. Throughout the entire trip, and our time at Cass Community Center, we will spend time learning about the assortment of issues and injustices in the city. By gaining knowledge on these causes, we can more effectively and passionately advocate the vision of change for Detroit. It is important to have knowledge of the issues in society so that when advocating for change, we can spread the cause.

As an individual, I hope to grow from this experience by gaining more insight on the changes being made. I am very appreciative of where I grew up and the support I received throughout my education and development. I hope to gain insight on how I can make an impact on the development of the city and its community. I am excited to witness how when many people come together to make a change, the impact it can make. Many people are striving to develop Detroit back to the flourishing city it once was, and I hope to be able to be apart of this growing force as a result of my experiences on this trip.


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