Start With Why

As explained in Simon Sinek’s TED Talk, “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” many companies and people start everything they do what, then how, and end with why. But great leaders know “People do not buy what you do but why you do it”. When doing something great one must know why before they know what.

“People do not buy what you do but why you do it” – Simon Sinek

To begin, Sinek talks about how every person, organization, business, etc knows what they are doing. Some people know how they do it, but most people do not know why they do it. He explains how the greatest companies, such as Apple, are far beyond their competitors because they start with why. Apple’s goal is to challenge the status quo and keep pushing the limits of technology. How? They create products that are beautiful designed and easy to use. What? They make computers.

This message resonates with me because I continually strive to find purpose in everything I do. I believe that you should do everything full heartedly or not at all. I strive to keep focus on my why. Why I work hard. Why I have passions. Why I am involved in everything I do. When challenged to create my “why statement” I tried to think of all my passions and beliefs. Something that is very important to me is advocating for equality for those with disabilities. As I do hope to “Inspire others to see similarities before acknowledging differences” I did not feel like this embodied my “why” for everything I do.

“Inspire others to find purpose, passion, and happiness in everything they do.”

I continually strive to BE happier everyday. To do this, I must find passion and purpose in everything I do. Often there are things we do not want to do, but we have to. When this occurs, we work with less passion or enthusiasm. But my why, pushes me to make the most of every situation, and learn from every challenge that comes my way. By doing this, I find more happiness in everything I do.

If we do not start with why, we will always be so caught up in WHAT we are doing, and HOW much effort and work it is, and the WHY turns into “because I have to”. If I go into every situation, job, assignment, etc. with the mindset that I wish to grow and help others grow, then I will receive so much more back from my efforts.

I have heard this line a few times and it really connects with my purpose.

“Stop saying I have to, and start saying I get to”

If we took everything that came at us not as a “I have to” but as an opportunity, or chance we will have a much more positive outlook on the world.

I constantly try to remind my self, and others, that the life is so much better if you spend it being happy. Happiness is a choice. With this, I hope to inspire others to find the same drive for purpose, passion, and happiness in everything they do, as I challenge myself to.



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