The Better Ellen

A leader, who in all aspects I aspire to be like, is Ellen Degeneres. Other than having a fantastic name, Ellen embodies so many positive qualities, such as positivity, generosity, and authenticity.


It does not take much time for Ellen to make an audience laugh. Through her humorous skits, segments, and wit, the daytime talk show host is able to brighten anyone’s mood in less than an hour. Ellen is a perfect example of how I wish to live my life, by being happy; She spends time doing things that bring joy to herself and others. I aspire to have the ability that Ellen does to not dwell on the negatives in life, but to change them and celebrate the good things.


I am not really sure what else Ellen can do to be more generous. She is constantly rewarding those around her who do good in the world, as well as helping others in need. Not only does she give to guests on her show, but she contributes regularly to causes she is passionate about. Ellen is regularly advocating for and contributing to LGBTQ rights and working with rescued animals. Ellen’s amazing contributions to the world around her is why she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2016.


Ellen is authentic in who she is. Unlike many celebrities making headlines, Ellen is a good person on and off screen. Also, she is confident in who she is. She genuinely cares about bettering the lives of those around her. At the end of every episode of her show, Ellen ends by saying “Be kind to one another”. Ellen is a leader because she lives by her own word. By being kind to others, Ellen is making strides in changing the world. If we all had the compassion and love that Ellen displays, the world would be a more kind place.

Leadership does not require large demonstrations or movements. I believe Ellen displays leadership everyday on and off her show by the way she carries herself and the way she displays love to all she comes in contact with.

I continually strive to have an attitude parallel with Ellen Degeneres’. My ultimate life goal is to BE happy. BE meaning to be Better Everyday, as in be happier everyday. It can get hard at time when stresses and disappointments occur. I want to work on keeping a positive attitude through everything life throws at me, and to be kinder to others. I would like to challenge myself to do more acts of kindness, and dance a little bit more.




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