PSY100L Reflection

As a requirement of my Leadership Advancement Scholar protocol, I took introduction to psychology-leadership with my cohort. In this course we learned a variety of psychology concepts and how they apply to leadership in everyday life and an organizational setting. It was interesting to learn about how behavior conditioning and personality. From this class I gained a better understanding about how to work with different groups of people through knowledge of different theories and aspects of personality. The theories learned in this course can clearly be seen in an organizational setting. One very important concept that stuck out to me in regards to leadership is the theory of the locus of control. These theory is about the extent at which you believe you can control what is happening around you. An effective leader knows they cannot control everything around them, but they can make the best of. Another important theory in leadership is the idea of humanistic psychology, which states that all people are naturally good. A leader understands that all people are good despite their bad actions or choices. Then the leader can guide the group to work with their morals and values in mind. And that people may have different values than yourself, but they are still genuinely good.




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