Primal Leadership Reflection

In my LDR100 class, our final project was to read and create a presentation on an assigned book. The group I was a part of was assigned Primal Leadership – Unleashing the Power of Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman.

The main lesson in this book is using emotional intelligence to create resonance in a group rather than dissonance. Resonance is when a group is cohesive and working towards a shared goal and the leader of the group relates to its members. Dissonance is where the leader identifies them selves as above the group and does not connect with its members.

An ethical leader masters resonance with a group. This leader understands that they are just one of group full of leaders who each display different skills. This group works as one by valuing each others abilities and talents.

A dissonant leader could be called arrogant or rude. They value their own skills over others and display characteristics of pacesetting and commanding leadership. Pacesetting is where the leader is consistently focused on deadlines and moving on to the next task. This aspect of leadership can be important when keeping a group on task, but when overdone, a group responds negatively. This is similar to the concept of commanding leadership. A commanding leader is in other words “bossy”. This is necessary in emergency situations, but when done in a typical setting, group members feel unvalued and pushed.

A resonant leader remembers to keep focus on the end goals, and connecting their partners to the goal. They strive to relate with those around them and take the time to learn from them. A resonant leader knows how to emotionally connect with others and not only knows what they are doing but why.


I must continue to focus on what is ahead, but must remember that I cannot get there alone. I must use the skills of a resonant leader, to work with those around me so that they and myself are able to grow and together.


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