Connections Conference 2016

November 4th and 5th I attended the Connections Conference held by Central Michigan University’s Leadership Institute. This weekend was full of speakers, breakout sessions, and new fun memories with my LAS16 cohort.

I chose to attend a speaker session titled “Netflix and No-Chill” where the subject was how to effectively use one’s time. I found Becky Wang and Dustin Abrego, the speakers, very engaging and eye-opening. We completed an assignment throughout the presentation.

The paper given to us was a tree with six branches, each containing twelve leaves. Each branch represented a different aspect of health and well being:physical, spiritual, psychological, emotional,interpersonal, professional. As the speakers gave their presentation, a list of statements were put on the screen that correlated with each leaf. With this, participants were asked to color in each leaf to the degree that they could agree with each statement. The ultimate goal in this activity would be to have every leaf entirely colored in. But realistically this is not possible.

When I colored my leaves I found that my health was weakest in physical health and psychological health. But overall I was dissatisfied with each branch. This made me see that I struggle in many aspects with taking care of myself. It created a realization that I focus so much on external things; school, work, caring for others, my other involvements, and putting more pressure on myself. With always striving to be better in everything I do, I forget to take the time for self-care.

Going forward I will strive to BE healthy. Each day I need to focus more on my eating habits and stress relieving strategies. I need to also continually remind myself it is ok to take time to be lazy and take breaks. By taking this time I can continue to strive to be my best.img_9081


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