COM267L Reflection

As part of my Leadership Advancement Scholar protocol, I took a course on debate-leadership. I found the content of this course very important in creating ethical leadership skills. Leaders work to advocate for others and causes. To do so, they must have the ability and knowledge to speak their minds and effectively get there message across. When doing this, it is important to follow a set of standards so one does not turn their message into a personal attack or fill it with fallacies. Throughout this course we learned about the different logical fallacies and how they are frequently used. We also discussed the importance of knowledge of both sides of an argument. As an ethical leader, it is important to understand that you will not always be able to change other’s minds or way of thinking. Therefore, a leader needs to inform themselves of all side of an issue so that they can find the best way to┬ácollaborate with and understand others.


I now am more inspired and motivated to find valuable information and arguments on topics I am passionate about. I cannot effectively advocate my beliefs until I have prepared to take on opposition to them.


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