An Open Letter To My Best Friend

I am not one to be very deep or sappy when it comes to my relationship. But as I reflect on my first few months away at school, I have to reflect on my time with Matthew. But our time together starts long before freshman year of college.

I met Matthew my sophomore year of high school at a state-wide leadership conference. At this moment I was so oblivious to what was going on that the only reason I know I met him then was because he makes fun of me now for not remembering it. But that following summer was when I actually had a proper introduction. At leadership camp in 2014 I approached him because I knew who he was through mutual friends. (Again I do not mean to be sappy). At camp I was meeting tons of people everyday, and many of whom I am still in close contact with, but when I met Matthew it was something different. From the second he introduced himself I knew that he was going to be in my life. I never thought I would believe in love at first sight, but you don’t know it until you experience it.

Matthew and I instantly connected and became friends. His hometown is right next to mine, and I was close friends with many people from his school, so we stayed in close contact throughout the rest of the summer. At the beginning of our junior year of high school he asked my to his homecoming dance. And after the dance on October 4th, 2014 he asked me to be his girlfriend. We have been inseparable ever since.

In high school I struggled to make deep connections with my classmates. But Matthew quickly became my best friend. He kept me positive throughout my time at Rochester and pushed me to work harder and achieve my goals. He has brought so much happiness into my life and I could not imagine a world without him.

Matthew is the most amazing person I have ever met, he is so talented and successful, and has so much potential. I wish he could see himself through my eyes because he makes me strive for more and to be better. He has such high aspirations and I know that he is more than capable of achieving them. Matthew was very successful in high school and this will only continue into his further education and career. He is now at his dream school, The University of Michigan, where he is studying Marine Architecture and Navel Engineering. Matthew knows what he wants in life and works so hard to get it. I admire him so much and am so lucky to have someone so influential close to me.

The University of Michigan is over two hours away from Mount Pleasant. This being said, I have been separated from my best friend for a while now. This has been the farthest thing from easy. Matthew is a constant source of positivity in my life. And being away from him has definitely been one of the greatest challenges of college so far. Through all the stress, being away from home, and feeling completely lost at times, it is very difficult not having my biggest supporter by my side. I would like to thank Matthew for how incredible he has been through this transition.

Matthew has been with me at some of my highest and lowest points. I was so excited to start my new adventure at CMU, but leaving him had me a bit apprehensive. I have made plenty of friends in my first couple of months at school, but no friendship can compare to the relationship I have with Matthew. So being without him next to me has created anxiety and stress. I know this change has not been easy on him either, but he has handled it so well. Matthew has been so patient through all my break downs and has continued to be my light. I can not reiterate enough how thankful for and proud of Matthew I am. He continues to show me why life is so amazing, even from 130 miles away.

Matthew is my best friend. I hope that every person finds a friendship and a love as great as mine for Matthew. I am so incredibly lucky to have someone who makes me BE happier everyday. Someone who shows me purpose. Someone who pushes me to BE a better person. Someone who makes me feel capable of anything. Someone who makes life better everyday. Thank you Matthew Christopher for being mine, and thank you for giving me the world.


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